Guadalupe Sánchez Sosa

Graduated from "San Carlos" National School of Plastic Arts ENAP UNAM. Where she made her first animations, being this the beginning of the animation in the ENAP and she a pioneer in the area. He took specialization courses in Script, Animation and Art Direction. He has done work in design, illustration, animation and direction of art in cinema. He was part of the Colectivo Cine Mujer, participating in documentaries (Es primera ves) and doing animation (Vida de Ángel). In a self-taught way, she trained as an art director in Cinema with María Novaro, Marisa Sistach and others. He has participated in the art department working on films such as El Cometa, Perfume de violetas, Frida Naturaleza viva, El Coronel has no one to write to him, among others. She won the Ariel 2001 and Cristal Screen 2006 as art director.

She won with the Witches of the Radio the 1st place in script in the International Contest of ideas for the production of animated largometraje for children Divercine, Uruguay, Germany, and with Niño de mis Ojos, he won Special Mention Cout Out Fest 2009, he has been Nominated for The 2009 Ariel category best animation. He has been selected in more than 20 international festivals such as Annecy in France, Animamundi in Brazil and others. In television he participated in the direction and realization of animation for the Disney Channel. She has published work as an illustrator in editorials such as CONAFE, El Naranjo, IFE, CONAPRED, CARITAS.



Like the sea, the body.

Tamayo Museum

(Paseo de la Reforma, 51. Bosque de Chapultepec)

Sunday 3 Dec

Concept, direction and animation of

Guadalupe Sánchez Sosa

Duration: 12 minutes

2:30 - 3:00 p.m.




The human body is the subject that I love: "Like the sea, the body" is a performance that speaks of the female body. The female body in particular is a territory of beauty, pleasure and conflict. In the last six years I have worked on the feminine nature and birth. Now I focus on a part of the body: the breasts, the chest, where the 4th chakra resides, where the heart lives.

The narrative axis is a timeline that tells how this part of the body has had many meanings throughout history. We inhabit a body that changes, mutates, matures. You, how do you name each one of the parts of your body? As the author says: "One can name things in a thousand ways according to their intention. But beware: the synonyms do not contain the same thing ".


Cello, original music: Natalia Pérez Turner

Voice: María Sandoval

Text: Nuria Gómez Benet

Saxos and flute: Alberto Delgado

Sound design: Antonio Castillo

Animation, file management and assistance: Cecilia Rivera and Víctor Beltrán

Production: La Gota Gorda

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