The work of Carlos Gómez Salamanca focuses on painting and audiovisual languages. In his recent works, he reconstructs images and visual archives to create animations that explore, from a critical perspective, different social and cultural aspects of his country. CARNE, his first animated short film - premiered at the Annecy Festival in 2013 and awarded with Special Prize of the Jury at the Havana Film Festival - consists of animated sequences that reveal isolated and tangential actions around the sacrifice of an animal in a peasant celebration. LUPUS, his second audiovisual production; focuses on a crude news of a red chronicle to enter the wild side of the city, showing the relationship between a pack of abandoned dogs that return to a wild state (wolves), and the uncontrolled expansion of urbanization in their hometown, Bogotá Lupus has won numerous awards and has been selected in more than 80 festivals in 5 continents. At this moment he is in the process of preproduction of his next project, entitled YUGO, focused on issues such as work, economy and illness in the industrial environments of the slums of Bogotá.



Goethe-Institut Mexiko

Saturday, December 1

13:00 hrs.


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