Arcangelo Constantini

He is an multimedia artist and independent curator who develops work of experimental playful nature linked to technology, highly influenced by the fortuitous and chaotic processes of the city that are reflected in the orderly and systematic use of the aesthetics of error. Collector of post-use technologies, which validates and integrates his work as a natural de-construction of technological phenomena that resignifies in the context of art. Its recent developments involve the rethinking of energy processes contextualized in the inductive capacity of the processes involved in the social environment and its environmental relationship.

Constantini's artistic practice has explored dynamic visual and sound works, where he makes use of obsolete technology, has made installations, carried out action-propaganda, sound visual performances, hardware hacking, physical computing, sound art and Net Art.


Performance by Arcangelo Constantini
Tamayo Museum
(Paseo de la Reforma, 51. Bosque de Chapultepec)
Sunday 3 Dec
12: 00-12: 50 hrs. is an expanded Net.Art project that began in 1997 as a playful-conceptual speculation about symbiotic processes of reality. It is an experimental visual-sound presentation that takes a tour of the different productions created in these more than 20 years of continuous production.

An experiment on automatic and expanded drawing as an experimental and speculative work of expanded net art. He developed a Neuro Algorithm, which employs as a speculative of expanded net art. He developed a Neuro Algorithm, which he uses as a creative process to draw improvised anthropomorphic organisms, each drawing he makes is unique and unrepeatable, arises spontaneously at the moment of the stroke and is not preconceived before the act of drawing.

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