Alexander Schellow

Germany, 1974



He is an artist, documentary maker and animator.

Since 1999 he works in the process of reconstructing

memory through the daily practice of drawing.

The relationship between space and perception-attention that

we have of it is central in its artistic process giving

as results animations, series of drawings,

facilities and movies that have traveled all over the world.








Recently, his work could be seen at FIDMarseille, Uppsala Festival, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Filmer à Tout Prix (Brussels), Lyon Biennial, Georges Pompidou Center, DeApple Artcenter (Amsterdam), TICAB - International Art Biennial Contemporary Tirana (Albania) among many other places. In 2012, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon acquired its installation OHNE TITEL (FRAGMENT).

He collaborates regularly with the international production platform MELD (New York, Paris, Athens), Ute Parduhn Gallery (Düsseldorf), with the avant-garde brand Lowave (Paris) and with the production company Films de Force Majeure (Marseille), in association with Catalog du Sensitive.

At the same time, he collaborates with researchers and artists from different fields: theater director Claudia Bosse, choreographer Philipp Gehmacher, linguist Klaus von Heusinger or the philosopher Catherine Perret.

Since 2007, Alexander Schellow has taught regularly at universities in London, Zurich, Antwerp and Constance. And since 2013 he is a professor at Bruxelas.






Documentary practices: Perception, registration and memory

Taught by Alexander Schellow

Friday 1 and Saturday 2 December

10:00 - 14:00 hours

Cine Tonalá (Puebla 109, Northern Rome)


$ 500 general public

20% discount to students and teachers

$ 300 the session

Registration: On the website and Tonalá Cinema box office

Although documentary animation is used, in many cases, functionally (replacing a missing visual element or for the sake of witness protection, etc.), this workshop questions the structural potential of animation / documentary operations: Constructive effort necessary to link different tools of animation (not only film), its intrinsic heterogeneity, with the notion of "documentation"

The fundamental process of animation, the frame by frame, allows and requires a work done by small perceptive events that involve the special level of the image and the distribution of the attention of the observer / artist / spectator


This workshop proposes to share strategies, methodologies, documentation processes and presentation of micro-stories made in the urban space. The participants work according to their choice in different environments of Mexico City, focusing on particular cases, using different modes of observation-documentation and production.


With this proposal we want to respond collectively to questions inherent to the documentary practice and the specific potential it has in relation to the processes of the animated image.

What are the ways of approaching field research? What is the friction between the objective and the subjective? What kind of knowledge is produced or revealed within the documentary animation? What is the relationship between the micro and the macro story? And last but not least, what kind of aesthetic possibilities do you have?

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